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SEPT (Simulated Employee Phishing Test)

Test your employee security awareness and find out what % of the employees are Phish-prone with our SEPT. Because end users are the most vulnerable target’s in many organisations, these simulated phishing tests acts as an additional security layer and an effective cyber security practice and is just as important as having other security measures. This will reinforce the organisation's security culture. These fake attacks ensure the employees to understand the different forms of phishing attacks that can take place, and educate them to avoid clicking links that leak sensitive data in malicious forms. The whole point of this solution “Simulated Employee Phishing Test (SEPT) is to educate employees so they can identify and avoid phishing emails in the future.


  • Latest, unique & customised mock phishing campaigns that are sent to employee’s official email ids.
  • Content crafted for organisations, keeping their official internet activity and the required environment in mind.
  • Includes social engineering if needed.
  • Spoof a sender’s name and email address of users known contacts if needed.
  • Generating a report based on the SEPT test result with 3 key metrics taken into consideration
    • Number of links clicked.
    • Number of employees leaked the credentials.
    • Number of employees who reported a phishing email.

The mock phishing emails are sent for an educational presentation that has a fundamental goal of teaching an employee to identify phishing mails and intended for exclusive fair usage only.

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