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DLP (Document Leakage Prevention)

For mitigating document tampering

Secured documenting made easy. With DLP, mitigate tampering, enhance authenticity and collate all your sensitive documents at one place. It’s a web collaboration and secure document management solution primarily focusing on digital transformation with advance level encryption standards, Immutability of the information and 100% integrity.

Key features


  • Eagle eye access to the higher up's.
  • Swift document generation with pre-formatted templates and seek approvals.
  • Instant notifications on web & smart phone.
  • Approve, reject or seek advice. Approvers are made liable. Generate correspondence doc's.


  • User rich dashboard with analytics
  • Realtime overview of the approval process in the form of remarks / chat box.
  • Tags & filters
  • Color coding to visually differentiate document status.
  • Prioritize & classify documents by medium, high, normal and confidential.


  • Counter duplication/tampering
  • Advanced security algorithms to detect even a ‘bit’ level of change.
  • Counter legal disputes on fake/impersonated documents
  • Multi factor authentication for user login, that works without internet and network coverage
  • No document proceeds without prior approvals.
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