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Customer Faq’s

Answers for general questions

  • 01. what are the top 5 cyber threats?

    Social engineering, Ransomware, DDoS attacks, Third party software, Cloud computing vulnerabilities.

  • 02. why do I need to worry about cyber security?

    Because 600 % cybercrime up due to Covid-19 pandemic; 30 % of phishing messages get opened by targeted users; 50 % of phishing sites now using HTTPS; 18 Million+ websites are infected with malware at a given time each week and 350 % ransomware attacks are growing annually. According to University of Maryland, attack hits an Internet-associated structure every 39 seconds and systems or services then exposed are vulnerable. Although, majority of these are ineffective, however, a singly targeted hitting can cause enough disorder.

  • 03. A serious investment has already been made in existing security tools like firewalls, antivirus, PKI services etc. Do I still need your services?

    We are a self-supporting security firm dedicated to every security asset established until now. Our extensive services will strengthen all existing assets by adding further layers of visibility and danger identification.

  • 04. we have IT employees, so aren't we already covered? we do have an IT team, aren’t we shielded?

    IT security is not just limited to the knowledge of IT. It requires particular expert abilities.

  • 05. what sort of IT security management tools you use?

    We use a mixture of industry norms and advanced security tools for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, alongside distinctive copyrights that solely we can deliver.

  • 06. what gap analysis do you provide to determine our existing security posture?

    We select the best industry standard security framework like ISO – 27001. With advancing technology and increasing awareness of cybercrime, today we have proper and definite techniques, covering diverse areas for developing businesses for both small and medium scale. These areas depend on the necessities applicable to the market. For proper risk assessment and evaluation, scanning tools and modelling techniques are used. We also provide professional white hat testers to carry out methodical tests, to meet governmental requirements.

  • 07. we don’t hold any sensitive or critical data. So we aren’t bothered about getting breached or hacked.

    When a system is hacked, not only data is compromised. It includes loss of confidential, financial and intellectual information too. Thus, to prevent such irreparable loss, cyber security is a must as prevention is better than cure.

  • 08. In what way does your cyber security service help me in making money for my organisation?

    Information security can help enable your clients be more proficient, thereby building trust. Once mutual trust is established, clients can be benefited with quicker and secured access, better experience, and professional expertise, thus creating repeat business. Clients choose providers that they trust.

  • 09. we aren’t that big to have security issues within our organisation

    Until now, cyber security was a thing of luxury, but with rapidly increasing threats, no business is exempted and thus, it has become a necessity. We are here to provide excellent security solutions to all businesses at an affordable price.

  • 10. Do you have anything to make to keep away our employees from exposing sensitive information unknowingly?

    A thorough strategy is designed in such a way so as to eliminate dangers from all angles. Simply patching the evident structural flaws won’t help. Training the employees is also a crucial part, which is carried out through trainings, mock pen testing using OSINT.