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Secure Team Collaboration


for attack investigation collaborations (LEA)

iO-Notes is an intelligent system that ensures exceptional workflow automation which speeds up the process for any type of attack investigations. iO-Notes is revolutionizing how a LEA officer, whether its a module officer or in-charge officer or a HOD documents and manages the investigations. . iO-Notes operates directly with multiple Law Enforcement Agencies in India. It’s one of the most cost beneficial and easily adaptable solutions in the market today. Appropriate archiving of every case document is the most critical part of any investigation, since a vital lead can be produced with an old existing link.

Key Points

  • Provides hierarchically organised, sequential collaboration between officers of different ranks.
  • Collaborate across different teams.
  • Organised ways of managing cases in the form of source of intelligence gathering , proposed plan of action, actions taken, inputs gathered.
  • It is fully auditable, allowing you to illustrate every step of your investigation
  • Every case document is encrypted in your local network which is entrenched and timestamped.
  • Presents you the required analytical intelligence b/w multiple attack databases. iO-Notes is all about making your current process more systematic and productive; but not to introduce a new procedure or process to your existing operations.
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